Everyday Immersions

Introductory Studio: Designing with Mixed Reality Technologies / AR and VR prototyping

Virtual Reality Narratives

Intermediate Studio: Virtual Cameras and Narrative Structure in 3D Space / VR prototyping  

Augmented Reality Spaces

Intermediate Studio: Augmented Reality Windows and Machine Vision Surfaces / AR prototyping

Mixed Reality Objects

Advanced Studio: Mixed Reality Materials and Affordances / MR prototyping

Body Tracking

Advanced Course: Body as a Trackable Object / Motion capture prototyping and body as interactive input for design

Special Topics and Workshops

The Immersion Lab collaborates with ArtCenter departments and Sponsors to curate particular courses, workshops, and lectures each term.


- Mixed Reality Furniture
- Augmented Architectures
- Streaming Livestyles
- Tools for Future Creators


ArtCenter College of Design, 950 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105